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When Should I Evict My Tenant? Expert Tips from a Property Manager in Orlando

System - Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Today, we are talking about whether or not you should evict your tenant. There are many reasons that you should choose to evict your tenant. Perhaps they didn’t pay the rent. Or, they violated the terms of the lease. Maybe they are subletting the place without your permission, or they have an unauthorized pet. Perhaps there have been noise complaints or drug activity or damage to your property

If you are going to file an eviction, we always recommend that you take the proper legal steps. Don’t take the law into your own hands, or you can get yourself into trouble. Hire an attorney who specializes in evictions. They will file everything on your behalf you’ll know it is being done right.

It generally takes around 45 days for evictions in central Florida, especially if they are uncontested. During an eviction, you never want to change the locks on a tenant or turn off the utilities in the home. These are things that will get you in trouble. On the day the eviction is scheduled, the sheriff will meet you at your property. You can change the locks and you’ll receive a Write of Possession, which is fancy jargon that tells you that you have your property back.

If you have any questions or you need help with an eviction, please contact us at Hampton & Hampton Management and Leasing, and we’d be glad to help.