"We approached Kim and Scott Hampton in 1997 when we bought our first property in Orlando because we were living abroad and wanted their help in renting and managing our house for us on a long-term basis.

Kim and Scott did such a stellar job that since, we decided to invest in even more properties, and expanded our portfolio with their company. We have now four properties managed by them. In almost 20 years now, we never had any house left vacant for more than 1 month, if any; rents have been regularly received; regular maintenance is always performed on time and at best cost for us; and the team is amazingly responsive, should any unexpected problem happen or any question arise. For instance, after one of these past year hurricane, they work very efficiently with the insurance company to have pool screen damages repaired within days only.

The result is that we are totally confident that our properties are in such good and fully trusted hands. It is so important when you live abroad to have this quality of peace of mind! Now that we are back in the US, but in another state than Florida, we continue to benefit from the same peace of mind, thanks to Kim and Scott! This is so invaluable!

One thing we like so much about Kim and Scott is the personal touch they bring to their impeccable and professional approach to their business, and with all their customers. It is so reassuring to know that the people who are managing your real estate assets are actually true, faithful, reliable and committed individuals, and not solely driven by fiscal/monetary interest. It makes the whole experience a high-quality, and so much more enjoyable (besides being profitable too!)

We would surely recommend Hampton & Hampton to those who need not only help with their property, but a quality help, and both a rewarding and enjoyable experience!"

- Resident Testimonial